SOLC Post 26 of 31- Mom

She’s the person I look up to most in the world, the one I turn to with life’s ups and downs. She answers any and all questions, while giving the most meaningful advice about little and big things. She’s a hard working, strong, kind, and inspiring woman. Here are two lessons that my amazing mom has taught me:

  1. Live, love, and laugh, life is short so you have to enjoy every moment and be present IN the moment
  2. Hard work is a part of life, you have to put your best effort into anything you set out to accomplish

I’ll keep these lessons in mind as we get ready to start another busy week!

3 thoughts on “SOLC Post 26 of 31- Mom

  1. People say kids do not listen, the true is, they do, so keep on talking to them even if you think they are not.
    They take your advice , they will quote you later in their lives. My heart is full 🙂 <3

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