SOLC Post 19 of 31- Julie and Julia

One of me and my sisters favorite moves to watch is Julie and Julia. For those that have never seen it, it is about the life of a chef named Julia Child, mirrored with the life of a New Yorker named Julie. It flips between Julia’s past life attempting to conquer French cuisine in a time where female chefs were not common, and the present life of Julie who is attempting to prepare all 24 recipes in Julia Child’s’ cookbook and write about it in a blog.

This movie plays often in our home, but tonight we couldn’t help but laugh at the current similarities of our lives to this film.

Julie: blogging daily her attempts at cooking each recipe, along with the good and bad moments accompanied.

Me: Blogging daily as I take on a project with my class.

Julia: Cooking in every scene, playing with new recipes, enjoying creating things in the kitchen.

My sister: Making my whole apartment sell good with fresh baked muffins, roasted veggies, and all sorts of other meal prep items to get us through the week.

Tonight in my house it was more like the Diana/Nora project as we prepare for another week!

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