SOLC Post 12 of 31- Catching Up

Is there anything better than catching up with a friend? One of my former co-workers and I got together today after we haven’t spent time together in a while.

We shared how life gets so busy and stressful , that sometimes it feels so difficult to meet up. We can relate that couch time on the weekends usually wins over being social. However, with our time off this upcoming week, we knew it was a great time to see each other and see whats been going on in our worlds.

Three hours and two Starbucks drinks later and I was reminded how lucky I am to have such a sweet, kind, and genuine person in my life. We may not see each other often, most likely because we are both drowning in a sea of student papers to grade, but those are the best kind of friends…the ones where you meet up after being busy and its like no time has passed. These kind of friends, and Starbucks dates are good for the soul.