SOLC Post 2 of 31- Speaking with Expression

Today in my 7th period, we began to read Act one of the play “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street.”  Before reading out loud I usually remind students to speak with expression instead of sounding like a weird robot…but today some of my kiddos did not need that reminder. They committed to the character and made it their own!  My favorite had to be a student who had the role of Tommy…”a serious-faced young boy in spectacles” as  the play describes him, and  it’s as if Tommy himself had made it into my classroom to tell me all about the aliens that have landed on Maple Street! Being the adult in the room, I try to keep it together when funny stuff happens…but I could not contain myself…his impression was hilarious! Best presentation of the year as far as I can tell. It’s always a good day when your class can learn, enjoy good literature, and have fun. 

Happy Almost Friday!